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Consulting Service

WorldFusion Vietnam is a 100% owned subsidiary founded by Japanese. With the experience of establishing the subsidiary in Vietnam, we will support Japanese companies in expanding into Vietnam.

We support customers’ business expansion by conducting various surveys (market research, company surveys, regulatory surveys, competitive surveys), legal procedure support, planning, etc., in Vietnam.

Business expansion consulting

We provide support in planning and arranging all necessary preparations to expand into Vietnam. If you want to set up a development base in Vietnam, but don’t know what to do, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We thoroughly support from the formulation of expansion plans such as how to schedule for on-site inspections, office selections, obtain investment licenses and business licenses, etc., to specific procedures such as information gathering, market research, work permits for Japanese, obtaining visas, apartment rental, etc.

We also provide a lot of support even after entering Vietnam. We will support or even act as an agency to take care of local recruitment and human resource management.

Offshore-related support

In addition to market research and company establishment, we also assist customers with local arrangements according to customer requests.

Please let us know if you have any requests regarding airport transfer services, arrangements for car rental, interpreteter services, Japanese company office tours, apartment tours, etc.

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Consulting services

Consulting related to business expansion into Vietnam

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IT infra Service

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Onsite (Japan)

We will send our excellent Vietnamese engineers, together with interpreters, to your company.

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World Fusion Vietnam will answer you by phone or email on your behalf.

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