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F&B Total Solutions

Food&Beverage total solution

“OMOTENASHI” Japanese style hospitality for restaurant chain management in the New Normal With/Post COVID-19 era.

Why “OMOTENASHI” in the With/Post COVID-19 Era?

Restaurants want to gain and retain loyal customers in the With/Post COVID-19 era.
“OMOTENASHI” Japanese style hospitality is the answer.

Exceed customer expectations in the New Normal and they will love to come back again!

Solution Benefit

Key features

Table Top Order

The device assists the floor staff to offer professional customer service. Not only ordering food, but also calling staff without uttering a word, paying with E-money and so on. It is the solution for giving peace of mind to your customer and staff in the New Normal.


The Quick Service supports from ordering to payment even if customer and staff do not face and leads to improvement in customer convenience.

Kitchen Display

Kitchen systems receives the order data from the ordering devices smoothly even if the floor staff do not utter a word and tell the priority which order should be cooked.
Specially designed for water resistance and with waterproof touch screen.


Food & Beverage Total Solutions provide the following With/Post COVID-19 Solutions

To Go/Delivery

Customer can order To Go or delivery from their smartphone.

Payment on Table (E-money)

Customer can make payment on Table by E-money.

Discount coupon

Issue of restaurant discount coupons on customer’s smartphone will promote customer’s next visit and increase customer satisfaction.


Pre purchase of discount meal coupons from customer’s smartphone is available and effective to collect operating cash during closed period.

Table Top Order(BYOD)

Customer can place order from their smartphone. Prevent COVID-19 virus infection by reducing contact with staff, menu and store devices.

Payment on Table(Credit Card)

Customer can make payment on Table by credit card.

Time Scheduling

To avoid congestion, display waiting time for To Go pickup and table assignment on customer’s smartphone. Workload for Dining, To Go, Delivery is managed.

Table Assignment

Suitable table assignment with social distance for customers can be made in the restaurant.

System Structure

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