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Automatic mental judgment system
The most suitable for stress checking – a compulsory task for companies
  • 1. Be able to automatically judge mental status by measurement within only one minute
  • 2. Be a contactless measurement system
  • 3. Be able to analyze and compare changes in mental status by period measurement
  • 4. Have ability to predict future’s disease based on research with health agencies
  • 5. Be not only used for pilots, drivers but also effective for preventing other troubles of companies, schools, etc.
Mental-Checker measurement method and result table

Record for 60 seconds

Mental Checker principle

Utilize the principle of DEFENDER-X (as an analysis system based on an over-200-pattern data taken from an over 100,000-participant human experiment which is conducted within military development process in a long term) to check mental status by 10 parameters.

Output information of measurement result

Relation between mental status and disease
Alzheimer’s disease

Parkinson’s disease

Major depressive disorder

Panic disorder

Có thể bạn quan tâm
Foodservice Management System

WorldFusion Vietnam is providing F&B Total Solution System and Vregi POS System as solutions for restaurants.

Mental Checker

As a mental health examiner, Mental Checker will regularly check the mental status of your company or organization staff one by one, and help to detect problems early on.


DEFENDER-X is a next-generation security system that detects crimes before they happen.