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IT helpdesk

Experienced helpdesk

For questions/inquiry from office end-users, such as troubleshooting methods or operating methods of hardware/software, we WorldFusion Vietnam answer accurately by telephone or e-mail on behalf of the information system division.

Our professional operators will address all customer concerns with the greatest care

・When a failure occurs and you are wondering where to check
・Help desk response time is slow
・Want to reduce personnel and costs, but contract management with each company is complicated
・Payment management is cumbersome
・When the operation, design, etc. have changed, but it is difficult to adjust the schedule for each company to consider together.

Helpdesk service menu

Customer support
1. Service on processing requests
・Accept processing requests and report processing result

2. System user support service
・Response to inquiry on How to use business applications
・Response to inquiry on How to use/operate business devices
・Consult on OA tool (Excel, Word, Access)
Fault Management
1. Log collecting/analyzing/handling/reporting
2. Equipment/Network trouble shooting

Merits of Helpdesk deployment

From the feature that the solution business is a single window service, we are implementing the most appropriate management schedule and personnel assignment in every services.

We can work closely together and provide cost-reduction by speedy information communication with close cooperation.

◎ Inquiry counter can be integrated
◎ Using outsourcing to increase efficiency
◎ Understand and analyze problems base on inquiry history, and then propose solutions.

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World Fusion Vietnam will answer you by phone or email on your behalf.

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