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Privacy policy

Purpose of use of personal information

WorldFusion Corporation strives to protect personal information acquired through customers’ inquiries.Personal information filled in the form by applicants shall be used as follows in accordance with our company’s principle of “Protecting personal information”.
If you agree to the “Use of personal information acquired through customers’ inquiries” section, please click the “Agree” button to proceed to answer the questions.

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Regarding the use of personal information acquired through customers’ inquiries

Acquisition of personal information

Our company acquires personal information through customers’ inquiries. If personal information provided is incorrect, it may cause inconvenience such as misunderstanding when we contact in order to answer customers’ inquiries.

Necessity of providing personal information

It is optional for customers to provide information; however, inconvenience, e.g. misunderstanding, might arise from the lack of personal information when we contact you to answer your inquiries. We hope you understand.

Purpose of use of personal information

Customers’ personal information shall be used for the following purposes. We shall not use personal information beyond the scope of use defined below.

1. Used in communication to confirm identity, contact in order to answer customers’ inquiries.

2. Used for emergency contact.

Use of personal information

We respect customers’ right to privacy and pay due attention to the administration and filling of customers’ personal information. In addition, we will store personal information acquired from customers for 3 years, and remove after a period of 3 years.

Providing personal information to a third party

Except for the following cases, we shall not disclose customer’s personal information to a third party:

1. The customers’ consent has been obtained.

2. It is required by law (including requests by judicial authorities or police).

3. When the information is necessary to protect human life or assets but it is difficult to get the applicant’s consent.

Outsourcing personal information

We shall not entrust a third party with customer’s personal information.

Privacy Policy Contact

In case there is a request of disclosure, correction, suspension of use and suspension of providing to third parties when disclosed personal information by the principals, having a notice of purpose of use, and having false contents of personal information (here after referred to “disclosure, etc.”), Company will respond within a proper and reasonable period and scope in accordance with laws and regulations. However, if it falls under any of the following (1) to (4), it does not fall under the subject personal information to be disclosed.