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Free Japanese Classes

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

WorldFusion Vietnam is one of the software development companies that has Japanese is main target, we are not only improving professional expertise but also improving foreign language skill everyday, especially Japanese.

For the purpose of improving members’s foreign language skill as well as working efficiency, our Board of Directors and Communicator Department to organize free basic Japanese classes, all members of the company can join in.

On February 20th, the free basic Japanese class for beginners was sucessfully opening and got all members’ enthusiastic support. Time table is out of working time, from 5.30pm to 6.30pm, three times a week. This is a chance for new study and exchange experience, support each other to get best result in the class, especially for improving internal cohension.

Fluent communicators are incharged of Japanese class, besides that members can directly communicate and study from Japanese Board Of Directors. Join in this class, all members aim to achieve N5 certificate on the upcoming December JLPT.

The Japanese class is not only learning from the books but also from Japanese’s culture, music, games and from daily working. That makes learning lesson become more and more attractive and effective.

WorldFusion Vietnam always has better and better policies to encourgage all members to study and upgrade themselve as well as do their work better. Moreover, we hope our members would be foreign language breaking to satisfy all the highest customer’s requirements.