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Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day 20.10

On behalf of WorldFusion Vietnam, we would like to send best wishes to all Vietnamese women, a half of the world. Wishing you all a meaningful, funny and happy day.

We are really appriciated on your trust and accompanion during the past time. We highly recognized and evaluated your effort, hard-working, dedication for the company development. By way of thanks, Mr. Koshiba Yusuke (Company President) presented beautiful flowers to WFVN’s women.

We wish that WFVN’s women will continuously promote Vietnamese women’s noble characteristics: resilience, determination, faithfulness, resourcefulness. We are proud of you.
If there are flowers, there is also beer. Of course, on such a special day without beer. Cheers and best wishes to Vietnamese women.

On behalf of WFVN’s men, Mr. Pham Quang Viet had a love speech with all of love and thanks to women.

Vietnamese women always work, and work harder than men. They are expected to be super beings, that is, to “excel at work and be perfect at home.” I’m not exaggerating. This is the official motto of the Vietnamese National Women Association: “Gioi viec nuoc, dam viec nha.” They are deserved to be respected and honored today and everyday.
In a quiet moment, suddenly remembered Xuan Quynh’s poems

Who will give birth to children
Future generations come, teach them to love and sing
In the early morning, the mother set her foot on the sand
Phu Dong Thien Vuong was given birth
Even as the President or the heroes
The sholar or whoever he is
Still just was given birth by a woman
An anonymous, faceless, nameless person.